Let’s Welcome 2016 Belatedly – With a Site Construction!


Hi everyone, Cynthia here:

It’s almost been a year since I’ve last posted on Fantage Cal Bears, and to tell the truth, I’m not very motivated to post here anymore, but I’ve made up my mind and now I want to keep going with my promise: I’m going to undercon this website. I’m going to improve it, make it better, and delete the pages that we don’t need. I love you guys, and I want to keep that love for Fantage burning.

Thank you guys so much, and happy 2016, the year of The Return of Fantage Cal Bears!

signing out.

Cynthia Strikes Back-With Fantage Prom 2015!

Hellooooo my dearest Callians!
It seems that we owners of this website have not been very active…I apologize for that, since, you know, we all have our lives to carry on to, but I’m back, and it’s forever. I ain’t letting go anymore, but I’m not posting daily, if that’s what you’re thinking (;

Let’s start out with the 2015 Prom:
Can you believe how fast time has gone since my last post about PROM? Amazing. Time flies. Anyway, back to topic!
Screenshot_0 The new limited items aren’t that pretty (but I am), so I don’t feel like they are welcome to my prom party, as if I’m gonna be hosting one… (:

Screenshot_1 The outfits are at my great dislike, except for the first blue dress. I’m sorry all you guys out there without gold (that’s me)-it seems that the tab trick is not working. (FANTAGE DID IT!!!!)
Screenshot_2 Oh my God, I love the outfits. Pure love at first sight, but the second outfit’s Face Acc should change, because it’s a blush, so there shouldn’t be frosting above the mouth part…plus, it’s really cute without the pink mouth frosting!
Screenshot_3 Absolute proof. Don’t you think it looks soooo much better??
Screenshot_4Then there’s the “Vote for Prom Royalty” and the traditional Event Info board. You can collect 10 stars for every vote, but there is a break between each vote (approximately 15 minutes)
Here are the contestants:
Kawaii’s hair grew longer, and Michelle’s outfit looks fanta-bulous! The votes are obviously not in her favor, though.
Take a look at Gizmo’s eyes….too bizarre?
Screenshot_6Also, take a look at the (old) new Member’s Gift board. It looks weird to me, thank you very much.
To Be Continued
Love you Callians!
Cynthia xx


Darn it, Callians. I really hit the jackpot this time.
I logged in from 4 different IP Addresses, so FANTAGE BANNED ME FOR 99 HOURS. DAMN THIS!
I’ll update the stuff of Fantage after I’m unbanned (52 hours)


Fantage ain’t loading

I can’t update cuz my fantage aint loading


Clean Campaign and much much more!

Hi guys, I’m so sorry we haven’t updated you with the newest or latest occasion.

But here I am, so let us start!

As you see, Fantage has gotten much much more pathetic, by using these strange ideas to lure people to buy membership that are super-expensive. I’m a fool.

Here’s why:


Do we still have to buy, stuff? Like using things for free, you hardly even need to buy it!

I hate this idea.



Let’s talk about the Besties thing. Members get to purchase these “BFFs” for money (Dumb idea) and now they get to twin… Whatever.

The daily attendance however, is different. I LOVE IT. You earn free stuff like Moonstones and eCoins and even Cody’s Crazy Combos coupon X3!!!

Now, the Clean Canteen Campaign. (I KEEP THINKING OF CANTEEN)



Well, the hair looks ugly. I like the sash. I’ll ask Cristina if she knows how to wear the hair pretty.


I don’t like the term “BF” in “Best friend” but is mistaken as “Boyfriend”

It’s like buying your own boyfriend without even getting to know him. Plus, your “BF” only says weird and random things. You can’t chat with him.



Old man rules, everyone knows but we still continue to do it.

I do like the Clean Campaign shirt. It looks nice.


MyMall did update!

For people who doesn’t understand the Tax Discount, it is like after you buy a kiosk, you want to sell stuff, right?

So when you sell things, you only get most of the gold you wanted to sell this item for, because there is tax to Fantage. So the 20% off tax is to decrease the tax of the item you’re selling.


This is this week’s Best Buyer and Best Seller.

Yara_yara is in the lead, and I’m seriously wondering if she’s online right now.

Anyways, click on the list beside the golden statues and you’ll see the Top 10.

See you next time,


Update again..

Hey guys! Uhm, I might not be able to visit Fantage a lot. So I REALLY need some people to sign up in the Job Applications page. With the exception of Krithy and Karley, if you don’t post in the next week, I will remove you. The only thing I’m working on this site right now is my story. Please, please check it out. It’s under “Library” and it’s called “What did I do”. Also check out Krithy’s stories!
Much love,

2 Linh

Hey Linh!


❤ Krithy


1. So, I’ve totally changed the “Mini Music” page. If you don’t know what that is, it’s just like youtube but I put some songs for you to listen to (: If you have requests, go to that page and comment and I’ll add them ASAP!
2. I realize some of my posts are a little off-topic, but it’s just to catch up on our blog. Some of are pages aren’t Fantage related so yeah 😛
3. I’ve been writing a story, “What did I do”, so please check it out! Chapter 1 is almost done, so go to the top and search for it.
4. Fantage-related posts are coming soon, I promise!


Heyoz, the job interests are now open, and please, SIGN UP!
Although not everyone will be selected, I have created a waiting list 😀 (more ’bout that later, got more homework)

See ya,



Hey Linh! Welcome back to the site, hmm?

Anyway, I have saw that you updated the blog, and I LOVE IT.

Callians, I am SO busy right now.. :(((

Piano on Tuesday, Mandarin on Wednesday, Math and Jazz of Thursday, Green club on Friday.





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